Erik Larson

Profile Updated: August 31, 2013
Erik Larson
Class Year: 1956
Residing In: Flagstaff, AZ USA
Spouse/Partner: Mary Anne Larson
Occupation: Retired
Children: Erik Larson 4/1960

Mark Larson 5/1961
Yes! Attending Reunion
About me/us (Hobbies, interests, life philosophy, etc.) :

My principal interest and retirement avocation is entertaining, featuring the bands and music from the era of the great dance orchestras. I entertain seniors and all those interested in learning more about the Big Bands, their music now mostly forgotten. If the names of Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey or Harry James ring a bell, this is the era from which I receive the greatest number of requests.

Because I am a music historian, audiences learn little known historical facts about the composers, musicians and
vocalists and in addition, the numerous venues where they performed throughout the United States and Europe. All listeners are encouraged to see how many songs or bands they recognize and of course, ask any questions these recordings might evoke. The music presented is of exceptional high quality, far superior to the original recordings.

Who else in your family is a CHS Alum?

Lavinia Larson Class of 1951

Toby Larson Class of 1960

Favorite School Story:

Leaving the high school campus at noon time, probably unauthorized,
(most definitely without permission)to drive to and enjoy The Most Noble Sandwich in Upland.

Watching the extraordinary play and talents of Dick Polos, particularly in football and baseball. Over the years Claremont has produced
many fine athletes but Richard Polos stands out as one of the very

What teacher inspired you the most & how has it affected your life?

Two outstanding teachers that influenced my life:

Mrs. Cornelia Hull and David Stern

Ms. Hull was and is a continuing influence because while she had a commanding personality, she was very kind and helpful outside school. She lived less than a block away from our house and occasionally I would visit with her about something I didn't understand. She was always patient and cordial.

Dave Stern was a fastidious dresser and I admired his consistent 'look'. I remember how I could get him off subject occasionally when he was talking about something I considered boring. The rest of the class seemed to enjoy these occasions and all of us, including Mr. Stern, ended up laughing. Despite these situations, he was an effective teacher and he will live on in my memories of my senior year at CHS.

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