Social Connections

You can send a personal message to any alum who is registered on the website (shown by a check mark beside their name) by going to their profile page. Search or click their name in Class Rosters.
In addition, there are many class websites and/or social media pages where you can connect!
Class Websites & Social Media
Claremont High School, Claremont CA
Want to know what's happening NOW at your Alma Mater?
Claremont High School Theatre
CHS Wolfpack Alumni Society
Other CHS Facebook Pages

Claremont Friends Reunion Group (all classes)

Claremont High School, Family of Man 

You Know You Went To Claremont High School When...1980-1990

Class of 1959
Class of 1960
Class of 1961
Class of 1963
Class of 1966
Class of 1967
Class of 1971
Class of 1972
Class of 1976
A short film inspired by the Claremont76 Yahoo Group site
Class of 1977
CHS '77 Reunion
DECADE of 1980-1990
Class of 1980
Class of 1981
Class of 1982
Class of 1985
Class of 1989
Class of 1991
Class of 1992
Class of 1993
Class of 1995
Class of 2003