Alum Profiles (1942)

     Contains profile information: 1
     In Memory: 17
     Contains "In Memory" entry: 16
     Military Service: 10


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Clarence Allen   
Roberta Bauchman
Mary Bronson
Donald Sydney “Syd” Brown    
Marylyn Bruner
Harold Linden "Jack" Ca…    
Nancy Caldwell
Patricia "Patty" Chidlaw
Mildred Cooper
Barbara Cottam
Nancy Curran (Caldwell)   
Eusebio Dominguez
Dick Downey
Charlotte Jane Fredendall (Henzie)
Leandro Garcia
Jane Marie "June" Gardner (Reitz)   
Theodore "Ted" Garner
Betty Garris
George Gonzales
Dale Healy
Wesley Craver "W. C. " He…    
Joy Holt
Chester "Chet" Jaeger   
Deborah Johnson
Doris Knott
Bernice Lacey
Raymond Levick
Mary Lopez
Elizabeth Ann "Betty" Mathison (P…)  
Joan T. McCrossen (Johns)   
Neill McCrossen    
Mead Wicks McNamee    
Betty Mei
Ellsworth Parker
Saturnino Parrilla
Ward Parkison Popenoe   
Anita Runyan
Peter Sherman
Florence St Clair
Frances St Clair
Renate Sulzbach   
Kenneth Kai-Nan Tang    
Wallace Twogood
Hartwig Moss Van Noorden    
Adelle Wagner
Jean Wall
Richard Mead Woodard    
Barbara Jeanne Yerkes (Lumley)   
Gilbert Yrigollen    

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