Alum Profiles (1930)

     In Memory: 10
     Contains "In Memory" entry: 10


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Martha Jane Baily
Ruth Marian Bell (Priest)   
Philip Schuyler Bogart
Edna Faye Buckley
Stacy Wendell Clapp
Elizabeth "Betty" Poorbaugh…   
Mildred Anna Ewart
Robert Louis Fischer
William Alfred Goodchap
Pedro Gutierrez
Alice Bertha "Sally" Hand   
Henry "Martyn" Harwood   
Jean Louise Hinchcliff
Eunice E. Johnson
Mae Etta Johnson
Waldo Gambrill Kell
Dudley Kirk   
Richard Lee Latimer
Milton Willard Learn
Frances Roper Lewis
Alice M. Loring
Robert Lee Pitzer   
Hubert Lowell Popenoe, Jr.   
David Gray Reynolds
Marjorie Alice Roberts
Rosanne Weith Robinson
Robert Howard Ross
Hugh Willard Shaw   
Gustave Albert Sjobeck, Jr.   
Frances Eleanor Smith (Fowler)
Earl N. "Bert" Thompson   
Hollis Lee Tompkins
Cora Ada Towery
Edna Pauline Tracy
F. Arlene Whiteman
Frank A. Wilby
Katharine B. Work

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